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It was a rainy, overcast and generally not nice day in summer, and I had a wedding later that day on the beach in Smith’s Point.

For some reason, I had never asked if the couple had a back up location in case of rain, but I knew that they lived near Smith’s Point and figured they would use the house if needed.  So about an hour and a half before the appointed time I started driving out to William Floyd Parkway.  While driving in the rain I noticed sunlight coming from behind me.  All the way out to William Floyd it rained, yet I kept seeing the sun in my rear view mirror.

When I got to William Floyd and Montauk Highway I pulled into a parking lot, and called the Bride to ask her what she was going to do.  She told me that they really were hoping to use the beach, and I told her that the sun had been following me out, although it was still raining.  I also told her that I would wait a little while if she wanted to see if the sun would come all the way out to Shirley.  She decided to wait.

Sure enough, after about ten minutes the rain stopped and the weather cleared up.  So we decided to meet in the Smith’s Point parking lot and proceed to the beach.  This a picture of what greeted us on the beach:

And the picture doesn’t really do it justice, as nobody had a very wide angle lens.  The double rainbow was able to be seen from one point on the ground to another point on the ground, something I had never seen before on any rainbow, let alone a double.

All in all, a glorious way to start a marriage, don’t you think?

The lesson to be learned here is to always prepare a backup if you are planning something outdoors, no matter how short a period of time it will be for.

Make sure you get a permit to get married on the beach at Smith’s Point.

Oh, and always carry a wide angle lens with you.

Here is the testimonial that this couple sent to me:

Hi Larry,

We truly enjoyed our ceremony you put together for us.

All our Family & Friends that attended our wedding really enjoyed the Sand Ceremony.  A lot of people never saw that before and it really meant a lot to K***** & I to have the children included in the ceremony.  To us when the sand all became one, we merged our families and never can be separated again.  Thank you for your patience with the extreme weather conditions but the sun was chasing us and here are some beautiful pictures for you to share on your website.

Hope all is well and Take care.

J & K

 Posted on : March 22, 2017
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