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Somewhere over the…

It was a rainy, overcast and generally not nice day in summer, and I had a wedding later that day on the beach in Smith’s Point. For some reason, I had never asked if the couple had a back up location in case of rain, but I knew that they lived near Smith’s Point and […]

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Blog Day One

A blog, or at least the idea of a blog, is daunting.  To know that I’m committing to sitting down and writing something on a somewhat regular basis, something relevant to weddings and being an officiant, is a little scary.  I mean, I know that I have a bunch of stories, maybe some hints and […]

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I almost always meet with new couples to make sure that they feel comfortable with me, and then we discuss what they want in a wedding.  During this time I encourage questions and one of the questions I get most often is:  What was your most unusual/strangest wedding? Unusual is one of those words that […]

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